What are the Different Types of Tourism?

What Are The Different Types Of Tourism? When it comes to tourism, never before have people had the opportunity to pick from such a vast variety of options as they do today. Costs can be from a few dollars a night if one is going camping, to the “sky is the limit”. The only limitation in planning your holiday is your own imagination. To be honest, when it comes to traveling the old adage that goes, “when there is a will there is a way” is very true. When one starts to think of tourism there are only three broad types; domestic, inbound, and out bound. However, there are many distinct niches in the tourism industry, and that is what this article will be focusing on.

One of the newest tourism niches is the Wedding Holiday. This has the benefit most times of getting the bride and groom to their honeymoon destination, and then combining the wedding ceremony itself into the whole mix. This is often a welcome choice of blended families with young children as it gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate together in a very exotic environment, thereby creating a wonderful memory for the new family to bond on.

This brings us to the most overwhelmingly popular specialty niche, which is the area of family themed tourism. Vacations at places like; Atlantis, Disney World, Hershey Park, Sea World, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and all the other small little family run operations that dot the North American landscape. These are still the most readily anticipated trips a family can expect to experience. For families these trips can be local day trips, or they can be full scale family vacation on the other side of the country that takes months of advance planning.

Another popular and very exciting type of tourism is the adventure holiday. This can be as simple as skiing in St. Moritz, white water rafting in Colorado, or as complicated as going on a month long African Safari in Kenya. The most important thing the tourist needs to concern themself with here is the overall safety record of those doing these types of adventure tours. Whether you like skiing, surfing or mountain climbing, you should be able to find an adventure holiday to meet your expectations. Also in this adventure niche, is another increasingly common option among parents today, and that is local adventure travel for their teens and even preteens. This is where the teens go to theme parks, hiking trails, beaches, and museums in their immediate area; effectively making them local day tourists. In this same niche, you will find educational programs that cater to youth at colleges and universities around the world during the summer months. This is becoming an increasingly popular and exciting option among working parents who are looking for more than just a regular day camp.

A popular option for many people especially older individuals and people who are traveling solo is the all-inclusive trip. These are prearranged package tours where you go with a set group of people and you travel together to your destination. This could be a tour bus trip in Europe where you do five different countries in nine days. It could be a seven day cruise in the Caribbean, or a two week train trip across Canada.

English: Ecotourism in Svalbard. Français : Éc...

Ecotourism in Svalbard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Educational tourism has always been of interest to those of us who wish to discover more about our world, its people and its history. People love to travel to Europe. They want to go to Rome and visit the Vatican or see the Louvre, experience the Alps for themselves and walk the streets of their ancestral homes. Most of us like to learn new things, and we can achieve this through travel.

Increasingly common in recent times is medical tourism, where you travel to a foreign destination in the hope of combining treatment for a medical condition or plastic surgery procedures whilst at hopefully saving money and having a beautiful environment to convalesce in.

There is even tourism for the spiritually inclined. There are special tours for people to visit cathedrals, sacred sites, or metaphysically important monuments around the world. In this niche you also have companies that offer people retreat weekends and places to get away from it all and to rewind. There is a subset of this niche available for people who want to travel to foreign destinations to see the beautiful sites, but who also want to volunteer and help the local people while they are there. This caters to college students looking to become interns and to missionaries and teachers who wish to spend their summer months in this way.

Sometimes tourism is by default also, as in the case of business travel. Many times hotels are very close to major tourist attractions. Most times the person traveling on business isn’t working all the time. They may get a chance to take in a few of the local attractions like museums, and they very often eat at the best restaurants.

English: Early morning in wonderful Machu Picchu

English: Early morning in Machu Picchu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is even something regarded as the themed tourist weekend. Local bus tours or hotels hosting murder mysteries or wine tastings would be an example of this niche. These can cater to either inbound or outbound guests. Conventioneers often fall into this category too. They are not necessarily there on business but could be there because of an interest in a specific hobby or interest.

Clearly, tourism is a vast industry and there are a myriad of choices a person can make. For some trips it may be very advantageous to engage a travel agent. They will have had previous experience and know the track records of the companies that you will be using. This can help you feel like they have covered most of their bases, especially when traveling to some remote locations like Machu Picchu. Tourism is an industry that is constantly changing and reinventing itself. In the not so near future we may have another new niche. Space tourism! There are companies busy right now making that a reality for those who can afford it and are not satisfied to stay earth-bound. In the next ten years you may be able to orbit the Earth, and later on in this century you might be able to go and populate the planet Mars. So when I said the sky was the limit, I wasn’t kidding.

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