My First Vacation with My Boyfriend

The first vacation that I ever had with my boyfriend was the first time I felt true love and also the first time I was fortunate enough to witness true beauty: the ocean!  It was technically a family vacation because my mother went as well.  We all went to Panama City Beach for a little over a week and it was my absolute favorite vacation of all time! This is the vacation that I compare all others to, the one that I wish I could replay over and over in my head, and the one that was perfect in every single way.  While in Panama City Beach, we spent plenty of time at the beach (of course), we all went to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, my boyfriend and I went to the Gulf World Marine Park, we also consumed plenty of sushi and spent entirely too much money!  However, it was the best time of my life and I wouldn’t take back a second of it.

Panama City Beach, Florida.

Panama City Beach, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The beach was glorious and absolutely perfect.  It was my first time ever seeing the ocean. Considering that I have lived in Florida my entire life, that was a little odd, but I made up for lost time and enjoyed the heck out of it!  It was the purest white, soft sand that anybody could imagine and the water was warm and crystal clear.  We collected shells, swam around, and walked hand in hand watching the sun set.  It was the most romantic time, being at the beach.  I truly enjoyed every moment of it.  We continued our beach fun by taking pictures of each other and laughing the day away.  Thankfully, we didn’t get sunburn!

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum was fairly amusing for one of the days we were in Panama City Beach.  It contained a fairly large collection of weird and freaky items, pictures, etc.  One area has a mirror to look into while you try to fold your tongue a certain amount of times and later on you realize it is a two way mirror and other people could see you making ridiculous faces from the other side! That was rather funny, yet embarrassing.  At the end of the museum, there is a simulated ride that was kind of fun.  You were able to choose from different scenarios, however, the one we wanted to ride was unavailable for the day.

I had a lot of fun at the Gulf World Marine Park, mostly because of my obsession with animals.  The cages/environments for the animals were a little too small for my liking but I understand that there are more animals to be saved than there is funding/room to do so.  It seems that the staff tried making it the best home possible and were all very friendly and helpful.  There were a variety of shows to attend, such as reptile, bird, dolphin, etc. shows.  They were all very cute and informative and the animals seemed to enjoy the attention from the keepers.  It was a very pleasant experience.  My boyfriend and I both really enjoyed it and would like to go back one day.

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

We love to eat sushi so every time we are near the beach, we have to get some, and it is a must!  The sushi place we fell in love with was called Mikato’s Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.  It wasn’t my first time eating sushi but my previous attempts didn’t go so well.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous.  We sat at the sushi bar and talked while I looked over the menu for what seemed like hours. I finally ordered the ‘Mistake Roll’, laughing at the thought that the first sushi roll I would like would be named a ‘mistake’.  The sushi came out fast, fresh, cheap and good!  I was pleasantly surprised with my roll, I now order it any time I’m ever in Panama City Beach.  The rolls are small but considering how expensive sushi is, it is nice to have a small bill.  My boyfriend and I got 3 rolls to share, a cup of soup each and a serving of ice cream each, all for around twenty dollars.  What a deal!  I love that place!

Overall, we spent entirely too much money, but that turned out to be okay because it was so worth it!  We bought fast food and snacks throughout the entire trip so we could spoil ourselves a bit.  We also rented a motorized scooter for a day and that turned out to be one of my favorite activities to do in Panama City Beach!  It was so much fun!  It was great for us too because originally, we had to walk everywhere.  My mom had rented a car but my boyfriend and I weren’t allowed to drive because we weren’t insured.  Having the scooter helped a ton and we rode that thing around everywhere, all day long.  It had begun getting colder at that time, so it was nice and romantic being able to snuggle on a scooter at night.  Anytime we ever go back there, I always insist on renting a scooter.

English: A picture of my boyfriend I created f...

Boyfriend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Panama City Beach trip was perfect in every single way and I love that I was able to experience that with my boyfriend almost 3 years ago.   Now, we are still together and have almost been together for a total of 4 years.  I always look back to that vacation and smile; it was the best time in the world.  It was a full week without one worry or stress and it was fantastic.  It actually even started a tradition: in Panama City Beach, I ordered a custom airbrush shirt with our names on it.  Now, every time I go to the beach, I insist on getting a shirt with our names on it.  There is a nice little stack growing at home and I hope to continue adding to the collection.  It was a great vacation in the past and I only hope it will lead to great vacations in the future!

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