How to Write a Travel Article

Want to write a great travel article but don’t know the little tricks of genuinely writing an amazing one? You can do it and this article is going to walk you straight through it. Writing can be exciting effortless work once you’ve practiced and developed the knack of allowing great ideas and the words for them to just flow as you type. And writing about travel makes your efforts astonishingly fun even though you think you’d hate doing research for it. Yep, a bit of research is necessary to write a travel article. However, even the research can be like discovering a new oasis that you get to enjoy reading while you jot notations down about your travel destination.

So first, let’s talk about the research you need to do and where you’ll find juicy tips and treasures of information about your destination. Let’s say you’re planning to write a travel article about Iceland. Find out how many main attractions your requestor wants you to write about. This is usually one, but may be two. We’re using two as an example today.

Hot spring in Hveravellir, Island

Hot spring in Hveravellir, Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first step in authoring a travel article is to learn the most popular means of getting there. Airplanes, ships, or both? Are there travel packages available for Iceland? Go to the search bar on your browser and type in “travel, Iceland” and voila! There are travel agencies brimming with information about Iceland. Make notes of which airlines and cruise ships go there. Visit at least 4 travel agencies getting new informative nuggets about Iceland at each one and jot these notes down.

Now, Iceland is not a common destination for travelers. And chances are you’re saying to yourself “I know next to nothing about Iceland”. But the odds are, you’re becoming interested and I hope fascinated to discover the basic information you need. Once again, the travel agencies online are ripe with tourist sites. They knock their socks off to have all the information you want. They list all the important sites and tourist attractions in Iceland. Jot these down! This is great information! And some of these sounds so great they even appeal to you. With just one glance, you see there are glaciers, hot springs, lava fields, deep sea and trout fishing, hiking, waterfalls and far more.

English: Crabtree Hot Springs, Mendocino Natio...

English: Crabtree Hot Springs, Mendocino National Forest, Lake County, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’re instantly hooked on the hot springs and lava fields so you will decide to learn more about those. Where do you go to get these details? There are two main ways to get detailed information. The first is to do as before, go to the Internet and type in the search bar “Iceland hot springs”. Icelandic hot springs should pop right up naming the most favored hot springs with exciting details about them. Most likely, pictures of them also! Once again, it is important to note the travel means to get to the hot springs. This can sometimes be surprising types of voyage such as a single engine plane, a jeep ride, and hiking or even by a canoe. They look like great fun and you find yourself enjoying the research and learning at the same time.

You should visit at least 4 of the web sites offering information about Icelandic hot springs. You will encounter duplicate information; however, you’ll be surprised at all the great tidbits you can pick up at each web site. Now with the notes you’ve taken, you should have enough information for half your travel article. Next, go back to the search box on your browser and type in “Iceland, lava fields”. Once again the web sites offering details about the lava fields jump right up for you and once again, you visit at least 4 web sites to make sure that you are getting the most favored lava fields, details about them and how they are approached. Once again, take short notes from each web site. Never copy and paste notes while you are there although you’ll be sorely tempted to. At all costs, your article needs to be unique and originally written by you. You can do that by making sure to take just jotted notes. Don’t ever copy an entire sentence.


GreatGeysirPool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now your research is done and you feel great and totally enthusiastic about writing the article based from what you’ve learned. At this point, you want to organize your article using an acceptable authoring layout of information. The most acceptable format for writing a travel article is in 4 parts. Let’s look at each of those parts.

  1. The first opening short paragraph: here you need to spend some time deciding what your first 2 sentences will be. It is the first 2 sentences that determine if 85% of the readers are going to stay and read more. So make a special attempt to make those 2 sentences stand out with a surprising fact, statement, question you intend to answer or any other tactic you want to use. After you’ve written your first 2 sentences, you need to state what information you’re going to give them in the article. For example: “Although there is a huge list of reasons to visit Iceland, this article will primarily discuss the hot springs and lava fields you will find there.” So, your first paragraph will have its opening 2 sentences and a short description of your article.
  2. Summarize the entire list of Icelandic attractions. Try to make Iceland sound like an unbelievably fantastic place to visit and all the reasons why. List the attractions, any special historical areas, local foods and restaurants and niceties of some of the hotels. Try to whip right through this by using commas. This is meant to tease the reader into learning more of what’s in Iceland and why he/she should go there.
  3. The third paragraph should be a complete and concise description of the hot springs in Iceland. Give all the special tidbits you found while researching. Make the reader visualize and feel it. For example say “Soak into the pinkish soothing warm water of this mountainous hot spring”. Seeing and feeling – try to get it in! Name all the locations of hot springs in Iceland then close that paragraph. Open your fourth paragraph with an introduction to Icelandic lava fields. Continue to be concise while giving as much information as possible. Draw attention to how many volcanoes there are in Iceland and the most popular lava fields to visit. Again, drag out the juicy tidbits you jotted down and get all the information in this paragraph.
  4. The last paragraph: write a very brief summary of what was in your article using words like “Although this article spoke mostly about Iceland’s hot springs and lava fields, there are many other fantastic reasons to visit Iceland”.

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