Going on a Harbour Cruise? Here’s What to Expect

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Are you looking for an exciting idea to add to your travel bucket list? While there is no shortage of weekend trip ideas you can tackle, a stimulating harbour cruise might just be what you need.

Understandably, cruise travel has its own set of downsides; however, it is safe to say the advantages often outweigh the drawbacks.

If this adventure is exactly what you have in mind, it is highly recommended that you research the basics so you know what to expect.

Get your preparation off to a good start by keeping the following key information in mind.


Regardless if you are enjoying the cruise with your friends, family or business associates, it is reassuring to know that you have a plethora of well-structured entertainment options to choose from.

Typically, recreational choices include swimming pools, movie theaters, singing and dancing shows, games rooms and even libraries.

Also, attending to any of your affairs online is no longer a concern even aboard a liner as most already come equipped with a WIFI access.

If you are an exercise buff, you need not miss out on your exercise regimen as some liners come with a gym you can readily use.

Other recreational amenities you are likely to find include swimming pools and even tennis and basketball courts.


Almost always, meals are already inclusive in the price of the cruise. In most cases, this gives you access to poolside snacks bars where you can order sans paying. Typically, you’ll find a buffet in one of the upper decks, usually available from early morning to late evening.

You also have access to room service if that is your preference. At normal meal times however, you will likely find seated dining, complete with full waiter service. Usually, you can expect to find a multi-course menu of diverse and fancy dishes just waiting to be devoured.

However, over the years, there have been noticeable changes in the dining norm aboard liners in order to cater to the preference of many guests. Case in point, open seating, choice or freestyle options have been introduced.

Unlike the traditional ‘scheduled sittings’, the new options give guests the freedom and luxury to have dinner at any time they prefer.


Usual staples like coffee, lemonade, iced tea and juices are often served without any charge. However, other specialized alternatives (e.g.  fresh-squeezed juices, beers and wines) can come with a hefty price tag.

If you have other drinks in mind, you are in luck. Chances are you can easily find more than one well-stocked bar that can methodically cater to whatever your preference may be.

Generally, most cruise lines offer drink packages which can mean unlimited servings of specialty wine, coffees and other chosen beverages but usually for a substantial cost. In line with this, it will be best to fully understand the terms first before you splurge.

Taking all the advantages into account, it’s easy to see why harbour cruises are in many people’s travel bucket list. Now that you have an idea what to expect, you can look forward to enjoying all the benefits the experience has to offer.

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