Disney Vacation Suggestions

For the young, the old, the young at heart, or just someone looking for a good old fashioned get away from the everyday norm, Disneyland is for you. Disneyland is for everyone! If you have never been to Disneyland before, there is no better time than the present; however, there are some little tips that […]

Best North East Places to Visit in India

North East India endowed with the supreme beauty of the nature is the least explored region in India. The astounding natural beauty, placid lakes and waterfalls, Gurgling Rivers and the inviting landscaped adorned beautifully by the wild blossoming flowers, tribal villages and more of all the typical North East Indian culture and hospitality make NE […]

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism or Medical Travel/Health Tourism refers to people/patients traveling abroad to receive healthcare. Also, it is when medical providers travel to other countries to provide care. The many popular sites for these travels are India, Malaysia, Philippines, Cuba, Colombia, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico (surprisingly!) and most recently, Ukraine.  Well over 750,000 US citizens in 2007 […]

Luxury Travel Trends

Luxury travel trends include travelers taking trips abroad, luxury cruises, adventure trips and travels to exotic locations. People are planning and desiring multi-destination trips rather than choosing to stay in one location for their entire vacation time.  Individuals, couples and families are making more stops during their travels and more time is being spent traveling […]

Student Travel Ideas

As a current student, I understand the need for students to go out and travel. Many of our days are spent cooped up in dorm rooms or in crowded libraries studying the day away. So when there is finally some free time, getting away from school and away from the norm is a must. This […]