Williamsburg On Vacation

One of my favorite places to visit on vacation is the Williamsburg, Virginia area. This part of the United States is special in that you can have a fun filled and action packed history inclusive family vacation that everyone will enjoy. For history that is actually fun to learn about, there is Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, […]

My Best Student Travel Experience

I was twenty – only just – between high school and university and life was not going quite according to plan: not my plans and not to my parents plans. I needed to do something different for a while; I needed to rethink; I needed to get away; I decided to do what so many […]

Las Vegas as a Travel Destination for Families

Las Vegas, Nevada is a surprisingly good travel destination for families. While its reputation of ‘Sin City’ may turn some parents away, it really shouldn’t, because Las Vegas has many other attractions which can be enjoyed by the entire family. What I’m saying is, forget the bars, clubs, and strip joints. Instead, look for family-friendly […]

Types of Tourism that Appeal to Me

As someone who happily forgoes new electronic gadget or pair of jeans in favor of adding to my ‘Adventure Fund’, I’ve managed to go on quite a few amazing trips in my life. Along the way, I’ve gotten better at understanding what makes for a memorable vacation. I’ve compiled below a few of the kinds […]

Why is Youth Travel Valuable?

Want to know why youth travel is so important? Let me share my story. In 1992, when I was seven years old, Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ came out, and with it a hit song that everybody my age still knows word for word. All you have to do to start a sing-along among twenty-somethings (especially females) is […]