Australia Best in Culture and Beautiful in Nature

The image that is portrayed of Australia the world over is one of a beer chugging, barbecuing, slightly rustic community. The reality however, is very different from that. Australian cities can be rightly regarded as among the most cosmopolitan in the world. You get the Australian Visa for the beautiful beaches and the wonderful terrain, sure, but there is a lot of culture to take in as well. Here are a few places that you must see in Australia that will give you an insight into the rich culture as well as allow you to see the abundant natural beauty.

Sydney Opera House


  The one cultural landmark that is recognizable all over the world. This will be on tourist itineraries; however that is no reason to give this a miss. Also, a good idea would be to actually see opera being performed there. Some of the best performers in the world perform in the Sydney Opera House regularly.

New Norcia Museum and Art Gallery

This seemingly small museum located in a small town in Western Australia has some of the most remarkable collection of European renaissance art. This is one of the lesser known art galleries to the general public; however a true art aficionado will not go back disappointed. It helps that you can take in the sights of the beautiful Western Australian coast line on the way.

Shark Bay

shark bay

Australia is blessed to have a truly unique set of animals and fishes all over its lands and water. The most fearsome among them is also one that is fighting extinction. Shark Bay, located on the rough Western Australian Coastline, is home to some of the most endangered shark species in the world. The coast, with its many shallow peninsulas and cliffs serve as the perfect environment for these majestic creatures.

The National Sports Museum

Located inside one of the most iconic sports buildings in Australia, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, this museum is wonderful look into the passionate sports culture running through Australia. Artefacts’ and displays from Australia’s greatest sporting victories are displayed here. Hero’s from all sports are well represented here.

The Great Barrier Reef

barrier rief

Again, wildly popular, yet a must see. The hype is all true. A dive into the reef is really one of the most stunning experiences you can ever experience. The entire reef is a living, breathing structure that houses enormous amounts of species in a delicate eco system. The Australian authorities are trying to take steps to reverse the effects of pollution however, that requires much work still.

 Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The indigenous people of Australia, the aborigines, were a remarkable culture that everyone should take the time out to experience. This cultural centre located inside a national park gives you a window into their life and struggles as well as the many achievements their people have made.

There is enough and more in Australia for all kinds of tourists. It is a country that can be experienced in different hues every single time you visit. Step beyond the tried and trusted and the experience will be extremely enriching and satisfying.

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