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It is only human to wish to talk about your travels both before you leave and after you return. Travel BabyThis site helps to organize the discussion into articles and ideas. We publish articles from organizations that offer services or products to travelers and from individuals who wish to talk through what it’s like to visit particular places with your own unique travel priorities. You are invited to post your trip ideas and unique travel articles on this site by guest blogging for us.
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The design of this site means that each article you write can be allocated to an appropriate category. There is no better way than a guest blog for travel organizations to establish their expertise and gain relevant links pointing back to their web site.

Organizations that are not willing to talk openly about the service or product that they provide are less likely to be successful in an environment where openness and honesty is increasingly highly valued.

Whether you are an obsessive or occasional traveler, a travel guru, agent or organization – you are invited to Submit your article here.